Conference Schedule, Februrary 21-23, 2019

Date Time Descrition Location
Thursday, February 21 6:30-7:00pm John T. Edge Book Signing, Plowden Auditorium,  Plowden Auditorium, Withers Building

Welcome to the World of Food Conference

KeyNote Address

John T. Edge, Yazoo Soul Food and Mexican Po-Boys: Pasts and Futures of Southern Foodways

Plowden Auditorium, Withers Building

Keynote Reception catered by Dan the “Pig Man” Huntley, Rock Hill Brewing Company


Friday, February 22

7:15am Registration and Coffee 1st Floor, Withers Building
  8:00-8:15am Conference Welcome Plowden Auditorium
  9:45am-12:25pm Oral Presentations Withers Building
  12:30-1:45pm Lunch and Chow Club Atlanta Presentation Student Activity Center 
  1:30-4:30pm EXPO Student Activity Center
  2:00-4:40pm Oral Presentations and Poster Sessions  
  5:30-7:00pm Reception in Winthrop University Art Gallery Rutledge Building
  7:15-9:00pm Chow Club Atlanta Dinner, 

Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church

(Pre-registration required)

Saturday, February 23 7:30-8:15 Registration and Coffee
Welcome and Accouncements
1st Floor, Withers Building
  8:20am-12:25pm Oral Presenations Withers Building
  12:30pm Closing Plowden Auditorium
  2:00-4:30pm York County Brew Trail starting at Slow Play Brewery, Rock Hill

Slow Play Brewery, Rock Hill

(Pre-registration required)

For more details on presentations see below.

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Complete Schedule of Sessions
Delicious Desires and Dangers
Dining on a Dollar: Financial Social Work and Healthy Food
Faculty Projects Abroad from China to Nicaragua: Bringing the World to the Classroom
Food and Agriculture
Food and Culture
Food and Politics in a Global Context
Food and Culture in a Global Context
Food and Literature
Food and Poetry: Words That Eat, Plant, and Grow
Food and The South
Food Insecurity, Food Deserts, and Food Sustainability
Food, Culture, and History
Food, Culture, and Media
Food, Health, and Nutrition
Food, Tourism, and Travel
From Levitating Sherbet Balls to Mrs. Dursley's Pudding: Magical and Real Food in JK Rowling's Harry Potter Series
Fostering a Healthy Food Culture: On Campus and Away
Global Issues
Local Grassroots Food Movements
Moral Judgments, Social Justice, and Food
Sharing a Meal: Character Development through Food in World Literature
Sharing or Selling? The Values and Costs of Food in Literature and Culture
Student Research on Food Insecurity in Rock Hill, SC
The Farmer’s Perspective on the Local Food System and Challenges and Successes of Modern Farming
The Humanity of FOOD
The Impact of Food and Nutrition on Health and Chronic Disease: From Birth to Death
The Intersection of Gender and Craft Brewing: The Women Brewers of Charlotte
The Winthrop College Farm: Nutrition, Nourishment, and Knowledge
What We Eat, We Define Ourselves: The Creative Fictions and Nonfictions of Contemporary Food
Winthrop Community Hunger Action Awareness Initiatives, 1970s-Present