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This interview was conducted by Kenya L. Lane with Brian Lane as part of Project 2020: A Collaborative Oral History. In the interview, Coach Brian Lane discusses his role as an African American high school football coach helping his team, school, and community navigate and heal amid the racial injustice witnessed in 2020. He also shares the impact of being the first Black head football coach at Clover High School and previously at two other South Carolina high schools. He concludes by referencing the “football locker room” as a promising example for race relations on the community level. Other notable topics of conversation include the COVID-19 pandemic, Adopt-an-Eagle program, Stellie J. Jackson Enrichment Center, and Roosevelt Community of Clover, S.C.

Brian K. Lane (b. 1976) is a high school football coach and 1995 graduate of Byrnes High School in Duncan, S.C. Lane served as head coach of Clover High School’s varsity football team for six seasons (2017-2022); he previously served as head coach at South Florence (2007), Woodruff (2008-13), and Byrnes (2014-16). In 2023, Lane left Clover to serve as head football coach of Westside High School in Anderson, S.C. He and Kenya Lane, the interviewer, have two sons: Brian Jefferson (B.J.) and Joshua Jaylin.

Spearheaded by Dr. O. Jennifer Dixon-McKnight, an Assistant Professor of History & African American Studies at Winthrop University, Project 2020 is best summarized in her words: “The goal was to conduct interviews that explored the various ways in which Americans were experiencing and being impacted by the various watershed moments that emerged during 2020 (the global pandemic, social unrest, financial challenges, issues with healthcare, etc.).”

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COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020, Social Unrest, Race Relations, Education, Football, Clover School District

Interview with Brian Lane