An honors thesis allows a student to complete a substantial project which applies the knowledge gained in the major(s), demonstrates a practical command of research techniques and writing ability, and shows the student’s ability to work independently.

The thesis should serve as a useful transition to graduate study or as the culmination of work in the major(s) and in the Honors Program. Although most students complete the thesis during the senior year, some juniors are advised to complete the thesis during that year.

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Honors Theses from 2014

Caregivers’ Time Perspectives, Anticipatory Grief, Depression Levels, and Overall Knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease, Keisha Carden

Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing: Transforming the High School English Classroom, Lauren Clark

Antecedents and Consequences of Intra-psychic and Interpersonal Dimensions of Forgiveness, Molly Crocker

Papists, Machiavels, and the Roman Standard: The White Devil as a Critique of Jacobian Unification, Nicole Drown

Real Un Real, Rebecca Jacobs

Characterization of Copper (I) Binding Thermodynamics to Various Small Molecules, Destinee Johnson

Age Differences in Knowledge of Alzheimer’s Disease and Generalized Health Anxiety, Kristen McLaurin

Supply Chain Management Practices of Small Businesses in the Charlotte Area for Efficiency and Effectiveness, Claudia Morante

In the Shape of Language: Motets and Other Poems, Alex Muller

The Impact of Information Technology on the Talent Acquisition Process, Marissa Nichols

Mother, Maker, and Silent Leader: Women in the Indian National Movement, Amber Schilling

Honors Theses from 2013

“Freedom, Bread, and Social Justice:” Marxist Dependency Theory and the Egyptian Revolution, Judson Abraham

Foucauldian Panopticism: The Gaze in Selected 19th Century Literature, Shelby Borders

Preparation of carbolines via cyclization of 3-(2-aminoaryl)pyridinium moieties, Chelsea Brennan

Antimicrobial Properties of Bushy Bluestem Grass (Andropogon glomeratus) on Selected Bacteria Strains, Dane Flinchum

Hard-Pressed Candy, Griffin Glaze

The Non-Traditional Student and Definitions of “Merit” and “Risk”, Mary Elizabeth Glenn

Academic Redshirting: Does Graduation High School Early or Late Have Important Future Impacts on Income and College Degrees?, Anna Lee Johnson

Relation Between Childhood Parentification and Adult Patterns of Co-Dependency, Katharine E. Lindberg

In situ hybridization of heart-specific mRNA in juvenile Ciona intestinalis, Caitlin Manning

“The Glorious Lady of My Mind”: Beatrice as Muse and Savior in Dante’s Divine Comedy and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Ashley Moore

An Artificial Neural Network Modeling the Humor Response, Matthew Neal

The Population Genetics of the Greenfin Shiner (Cyprinella chloristia), Joshua Owens

Bringing Sexy Back: The Politics of Rape Culture And Its Effects on Collegiate Women, Colleen Rice

Cutting Cursive: Is Handwriting Still Important to Today’s Preservice Teacher?, Samantha Smigel

Du Lieber: A Screenplay of Crime, Sex, Lies, and Mother Goose Rhymes, Mirielle Smith

The Constitutionality and Economic Impact of Sunday Laws in South Carolina, Travis Whisenant

Solving Implementation Concerns of Serious Gaming through an Integrated Web Platform, Samuel Whitley

Honors Theses from 2012

The Classification of False Tendons of the Left Ventricle of Domestic Canine (Canis familiaris) Hearts, Jamie Ashbrook

Blending Scholarship: Signifyin(g) and the Heroic Monomyth within Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, Stephanie Bartlett

Assessing Stress Levels in Eastern Screech Owls (Otus asio) Kept in Various Captive Settings Comparing HPLC and ELISA Protocols to Measure Fecal Corticosterone, Ashley Bateman

Fallacy in Historiography: Original Influences on the Bill of Rights, Melody Chapman

Quantitative Determination of Trans Fatty Acids by Gradient Flow Analysis - Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (GFA-FTIR), Jessica Creel

Cloning of Human Sphingosine Kinase 1 for Future Expression Studies, Zachary Curry

"New Eyes and a New Mind": Wilkie Collins' Armadale and Ways of Seeing, Cayla Eagon

Apologetic Athletes, Kyrsten Fandrich

Determining the Least Stressful Environment for the Domestic Cat (Felis Silvestris catus) through Analysis of Cortisol Levels in Indoor versus Outdoor Cats, Brittany Fournet

A Narrative in Metal, Megan Gainer

Data Mining and the Loss of Consumer Privacy, John R. Gamble

If the Glass Shoe Fits: The Princess Paradox, Meagan Hogarth

Molecular evolution of swine, avian and human H5N1 Influenza A in Southeast Asia, Matthew Horn

Relations among compensatory health beliefs, rumination, mindfulness and holiday health behaviors, Elise Howell

Developing A Discourse Ethic Towards A Universally Inclusive Democracy, John Huffman

For-Profit Higher Education and Financial Aid: Are Differences Driven by Schools or Students, Emily Pratt

On the Relationship between Poverty and Terror, Robert Ralston

Minister of Movies: Goebbels and the Nazi Film Industry, 1933-1945, Allison Wynne Raper

Gamers' and Non-Gamers' Perceptions of Video Game Playing, Daniel Selvey

Discounted Rate Adjustments for Proper Valuation in Multinational Corporations with Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets, Sydney Smith

The Impact of a New Outdoor Classroom on Student Appreciation of Nature, Holly Stuart

Literature Permutations: Awakening Traditional Literary Forms through Digital Narratives, Edward Andrew Szeman

The Media Influence on Eating Disorders in Young Adults, Katie Zanowski

The Ethics of Technical Communication of Medical Products to Consumers, N. Catherine Zende

Honors Theses from 2011

Subprime Mortgage and how it led to the Economic Crisis, Hien Bao Dang

South Carolina's Proactive Response to the Post-Recessionary Tourism Climate, Rose Giavedoni

The Effects of Priming on Perceptions of Altruism and Nonprofit Organizations, Allison H. Howard

Comparative Analysis of Adolescent Pregnancy: Central American, Mexico and South Carolina, A. Elizabeth Jenkins

Comparative Analysis of Adolescent Pregnancy in Central America, Mexico and South Carolina, Elizabeth Jenkins

Regional Neoliberalism: The New System in Latin American, Katrina Jorsch

Strategies for Improving Language Arts Instruction, Rachel McCoy

An Exploration of Variables that Predict College Students' Attitudes Toward Mandatory Service Learning, Amanda McLeod

Epidermal Dividing Cells in Aeolosoma headleyi (Annelida, Oligochaeta), Sara Merlie

Content of Macronutrient Intake Before and After Endurance Exercise for Optimal Performance and Recovery, Carly Moss

Bioinformatic Investigation of Regulatory Networks of the High Mobility Group A (HMGA) Proteins, Carol E. Perkins

Adults Perceptions of Safety on Facebook and Willingness to Befriend a Stranger, Amy Rivers

Seasonal Water Quality of the Guacimal Watershed, Monteverde, Costa Rica, Kevin A. Ryan

Hunger Vulnerability Resulting from International Economic Involvement in Sub Saharan Africa , Amy Schober

The Parallel Religious Commentaries of Miguel Cervantes and Nathaniel Hawthorne in Don Quixote and The Scarlet Letter, Sybil Senn

Relations Among College Students' Hooking Up Behavior, Shame and Guilt, Nichole Shelly

Honors Theses from 2010

Marriage Jewelry and Female Identity in Hindu Indian and Italian Renaissance Cultures, Aileen Alon

Understanding the Influence of Educational Experiences on Future Life, Sarah Burnette

The Effectiveness of Golden Handcuffs, Timothy Carpenter

Effects of Ethnicity and Acculturation on Hispanic Media Preference for Receiving Supermarket Promotions, Kristyn Edwards

Thou Shall Not Kill: Vegetarianism in the Christian Faith, Leanna Greenwood

A Closer Look at the Factors that Affect Misdemeanor Offenders, Kathryn Gregory

The Patronage of the Medici, Hannah Grove

Ballot Initiatives, Constitutional Referendums and Effects on Various Groups, Jeremy Klutch

Hamlet's Ophelia: The Changing Perceptions of Suicide, Death, and Madness in the Elizabethan and Victorian Periods, Katherine Parrott

Gathering Wood: A Collection of Original Poetry, Dylan Phillips

The Evolution of Happiness, Amanda Tootill

Student Reactions to Professor Use of Facebook, Aimee M. West

Compensatory Health Beliefs Predict Maladaptive Coping, Impulsivity, and Erroneous Health Perceptions, Lilah Campbell Westmoreland