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Biographical Note

Name: Miriam Elizabeth McLaurin Gulledge
Birthdate: January 26, 1935
Birthplace: Chesterfield County
Education: Chesterfield High School
Profession: Business Accounting Manager for a Car Dealership, Former Church Organist, Funeral Home Organist
Husband’s Name: Robert Algie Gulledge
Number of Children: 7
Number of Grandchildren: 6
Number of Great-Grandchildren: 5
Born on January 26, 1935 to Daniel and Elizabeth McLaurin, Miriam Elizabeth McLaurin Gulledge grew up in Chesterfield County. As a youngster she learned "shaped notes" from her father and began playing piano at church, beginning a lifelong love of music. She married her high school sweetheart, Robert Gulledge, and they raised and educated seven children. Miriam was a bookkeeper for many years and remained active in Hospice and other community organizations. Applauded by a co-worker as “nurse, counselor, advisor, confidante, peacemaker, and helper,” she helped care for her mother and other family members while remaining busy with children and church. Her generous spirit was a testimony to her community as she served as full-time caregiver for her disabled husband for many years. She gave her quiet, supportive husband credit for her being named South Carolina Mother of the Year. Miriam worked to instill integrity, manners, and respect for themselves and others as she raised her children. When each child was born, she lifted him up and dedicated him to Cod, praying for wisdom, guidance, patience, and strength. Her goal was to give her children wings. “Miss Miriam” summarized her success as a mother: “My wonderful children are sweet, successful, hardworking individuals, so maybe I did SOMETHING right.”

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Interview with Miriam Elizabeth McLaurin Gulledge