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ACL injuries in female athletes
Quanjenae Broughton


Characterizing the Function of Bacteriophage Cain Genes in Host Mycobacterium smegmatis
Hunter Tristen Cannon, Kathryne D. Courtney, Carlos E. Escoto-Diaz, Joel A. Haley, Mackenzie L. Jenkins, Allyssa L. Lewis, Caleb M. Meyerand, Dallas K. Nivens, Bryan J. Patterson, Alexis A. Ramirez, Jordan N. Rucker, Laela A. Walker, and Bethany M. Wise


Perceptions of Marijuana Use Within the Context of Romantic Relationships
Eliza P. Diamond, Tatiana K. Singletary, Ta-Taya J. Campbell, and Ty'Keila M. Scarborough

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