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Winthrop University Undergraduate Scholarship & Creative Activity 2017
Winthrop University and Undergraduate Research Office, Winthrop University


Young Adults’ Gender Role Beliefs, Sexual Esteem and Need to Belong
Zelphair Grant, Kelli Murray, and Imani Washington


Relationships among Social Support, Help Seeking, and Mental Health Symptoms
Jayma L. Goodwin, Lauren E. Czarnecki, and Stephanie Copeland


Relationships among Personality, Mental Health Symptoms, and Social Support
Quviah D. Streater, Rachel A. McLaughlin, and Ta'Niss J. Robinson


Quality of Father Relationship Predicts Young Adults' Romantic Relationship Quality
Christiana Parker, Samantha Myers, and Rachelle Gandy


Willingness to Forgive Varying Degrees of Betrayal Committed by a Friend or Romantic Partner
Emma C. Harris, Emma C. Harris, Ephiphany J. Holmes, Samuel D. Clarkson, and Ashley B. Garris


Factors Predicting Young Adults' Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement
Lashana Delduarte, Madison DeMott, and Keva Jones

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