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College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Fine Arts

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Master of Fine Arts

Thesis Advisor

Shaun Cassidy

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Alfred Ward

Committee Member

Tom Stanley


Assemblage, Collections, Abductions, Human Trafficking, Collaging, Curious


This thesis statement is a reflection on my thesis installation work, Vulnus: Wanna’ Go for a Ride Little Girl?, The Shack, and My Tara. This statement describes the background motivation, influences, and processes that led to its completion. Vulnus originates from the Latin meaning wound or injury. The Vulnus body, a trinity of dollhouses transformed by found objects, comprises the constructed assemblage. As an artist employing precision placement and thereby composing miniature theatrical tableaus, I weave a theme in this triptych. Vulnus represents memories of vulnerability, danger, and trauma. Vulnus embodies found objects that speak of people’s lives. Items and treasures collected are repurposed as cues for visual conversation. Through the temporary installations, I aim to raise awareness and initiate conversations concerning human welfare and safety.


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