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College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Fine Arts

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Master of Arts

Thesis Advisor

Dorothy A. Metzler

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Laura Gardner

Committee Member

Abbigail J. Armstrong


Adolescents, Youth programs, Arts programs, Community involvement, Nonprofit


This thesis examined adolescent behaviors, attitudes, and habits as motivators for creating nonprofit youth programs in the 21 51 century. A literature review, interviews with arts leaders, and a case study showed that children ages 10 to18 have access to a variety of after-school programming in local and national organizations. Three local leaders provided insight into the strengths and weaknesses of programs they directed in Charlotte, North Carolina. The youth forums presented in the case study were designed to provide an environment of trust, stability, and structure. The literature review, the interviews, and the case study all showed that the main challenges for these programs came from funding sources, program locations, and community involvement. The study indicated the need for today's arts organizations, coordinators, and schools to come together in order to create programs that address, assess, and serve the needs of 21st century adolescents.