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Spring 5-1-2023

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Master of Arts

Thesis Advisor

Gregory D. Bell, Ph.D.

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Dave Pretty, Ph.D.

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J. Edward Lee, Ph.D.


Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Early Christianity, Persia, Ancient Persia, Ancient Israel, Roman Empire, Ancient History, Ancient Religions


In the sixth century BCE, the largest empire in the world at the time, the Persian Empire, adopted a monotheistic religion that was based on the teachings of a prophet named Zoroaster. As one of the world’s oldest religions, Zoroastrianism impacted the beliefs and traditions of Judaism and early Christianity. Similarities among these religions include the ideas of hierarchy among good and evil spirits, actions on earth determining one’s place in an afterlife, apocalyptic themes, and dualism. Zoroastrian beliefs found their way into early Christian culture. The remnants of Zoroastrianism in mainstream Christianity underscores the influence of that ancient Persian faith

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