Case Studies on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice


Case Studies on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice



This casebook focuses on sexual orientation and gender expression in relation to social work practice. An excellent resource, it offers 29 cases illustrating the variety of issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) people and communities in five practice settings-individuals, couples and families, communities and organizations, groups, and policy and research. The book also contains discussion questions, classroom exercises, and suggested readings for each case, so educators can easily integrate GLBT content into the classroom. Case Studies on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice may be used on its own, in conjunction with another textbook, or as a complement to Deana F. Morrow and Lori Messinger's Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Social Work Practice: Working with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender People (Columbia, 2006). Messinger and Morrow are award-winning teachers and their groundbreaking book is key for culturally competent undergraduate or graduate courses in practice, policy, human behavior and the social environment, research, and field education.


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Chapter Index Table

Part 1

1. "Passages: From Feeling Woman to Being Woman," Stephen Erich, Sandra Donnelly, and Josephine Tittsworth

2. "Finding Hope: The Case of Randall," Patricia L. Greer and Deana F. Morrow

3."The Covert Life of Philip Johnson," David Henton

4. "Brian at the Crossroads: A Case Study," Sello Sithole

5.,"Young, Transgender, and Out in East Los Angeles," David Henton

6., "The Military Life: The Case of Saundra," Patricia L. Greer and Deana F. Morrow

7."Shonda Harrison: A Young Transgender Client in Jail," Patricia M. Hayes and Robert H. Keefe

8."Sandy Miller’s Competency, Religious Beliefs, and Homophobia," Glenda F. Lester Short

9. "Ronald Jackson: A Man on the 'Down Low,'" Robert H. Keefe and Patricia M. Hayes

10. "Thelma Without Louise: The Story of an Aging Woman Who Identifies with Women,"

Elise M. Fullmer

Part 2. Couples and Families

11. "Are We a Family Now? The Case of Morgan, Shea, and Alex," Cheryl A. Parks and Nancy A. Humphreys

12. "The Case of Joan and Terri: Implications of Society’s Treatment of Sexual Orientation for Lesbians and Gays with Disabilities," Eileen DeHope

13. "A Family in Transition," Cathryne L. Schmitz and Janet Wright

14. "From Lesbian Relationship to Trans/Lesbian Relationship," Arlene Istar Lev

15. "Alan’s Story: A Heterosexually Married Couple Faces a Sexual Identity Crisis," David Jenkins

16. "Seeking a Child Through International Adoption: Lucy’s and Robin’s Story," Nancy A. Humphreys and Cheryl A. Parks

17. "Making Difficult Decisions," Harriet L. Cohen

18. "Jack and Karen: A Transgender Love Story," Carolyn A. Bradley

19. "'Who’s Your Daddy?'," Lori Messinger

Part 3. Groups

20. "The Day We Shared Our Coming Out Stories," Elizabeth Cramer

21. "Homeless Because I Am Different! Homeless Youth: Stories from the Field," Donna McIntosh

22. "Gender Identity Case Histories," D. R. Yonkin

Part 4. Organizations and Communities

23. "'Building Excuses'" in the Workplace, Kristina M. Hash

24. "Designing a Strategy for Changing Agency Policy," Nancy A. Humphreys and Cheryl A. Parks

25. "Making the Link: Domestic Violence in the GLBT Community," Marcie Fisher-Borne

26. "A Leap of Faith: Southern Ministers Organizing for Change," Marcie Fisher-Borne

Part 5. Policy and Research

27. "Hate Crime Laws: Making a Difference," Lori Messinger

28. "A Policy Analysis of a Constitutional Amendment: Implications for Aging Populations," Lori Messinger

29. "Getting It Right: Doing Research with GLBT Youths," Lori Messinger