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During the spring of 2017, Winthrop University rolled-out a new faculty training and development program, called Winthrop Exemplary Online Course (WEOC), to increase the number and diversity of online course offerings at the school during the summer sessions. Grounded in andragogical principles, the WEOC program also had the aim of providing participating faculty members with the requisite skills to develop more student-centered, engaging, and user-friendly online courses. Preliminary results indicate that the WEOC program achieved its key goals and objectives. Moreover, faculty participants noted that the program stands to build upon existing teaching and learning efforts and approaches at the University to foster increased levels of students’ achievement, retention, and persistence. In this paper, we present the development, design, and roll-out of the WEOC program. We will also highlight educational outcomes, faculty reactions, and lessons learned from integrating the exemplary online course program at the University.

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