Interim Dean: Karen Oremus, M.F.A.

We are #ArtsWinthrop—the leading College for the Arts in the Carolinas. We are an impassioned and experienced faculty of professionals and scholars committed to challenging you to become the artist you want to be. We offer nationally accredited programs in the visual arts, dance, design, theatre, and music, providing demanding instruction in an interdisciplinary environment that inspires and prepares the next generation of responsible citizens of the creative class — the makers, performers, designers, educators, and influencers. We believe that the arts are an expression of our culture’s values; are a driver of innovation and a catalyst for the economy; and have an obligation to positively affect social change by contributing to our cultural and political discourse. We recognize the inherent responsibility of the artist as a leader in defining culture and lifestyle—what we see and hear, the products we use, the environments we inhabit, and how we communicate. We are certain that there is no greater profession – no greater calling in life – than this. We are #ArtsWinthrop.


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