Kathryn Kohl, Ph.D.




College of Arts and Sciences


Gene mus109, Deficiency Mapping, DNA Repair


The complex processes involved in repairing damaged DNA are still being elucidated. Some genes that are known to have roles in the DNA repair process have been identified, such as the mutagen-sensitivity genes, or mus genes, in Drosophila melanogaster. However, the precise genomic location of some mus genes is still unknown, including mus109. It is known that mutations in mus109 cause chromosomal aberrations resulting in larval death, and previous research has mapped mus109 to a region of the X chromosome consisting of over 520,000 nucleotides and 41 genes. Therefore, this study aimed to locate mus109 using deficiency mapping. The mus109D2 male flies were crossed to four deficiencies covering the 8F10-9B1 region of the genome producing four possible classes of offspring. Brood 1 larvae and Brood 2 larvae were treated with H2O and 0.05% MMS, respectively. Offspring were scored for sex and eye phenotype, and this data was used in complementation analysis to narrow the probable genomic location of mus109 to 12% of the original.