Kori Bloomquist, Ph.D.


Social Work


College of Arts and Sciences


Social Work


The purpose of this study is to explore and then narrate the lives of women of color from South Carolina and their personal experiences with regard to their social environments. Much adverse childhood experience research is focused on the immediate family system, and research regarding the social environment is typically broken down into segments, failing to address a more holistic approach to promoting child well-being. Using the ecosystems perspective as a framework for exploration, the researchers used a semi-structured interview schedule, the BFRSS ACEs Survey, and a resilience scale to collect data with participants. Using Facebook as a recruitment tool, the researchers collected data with a convenience sample of five women. Interviews ranged from 18 to 34 minutes in length and occurred in various locations of choice for participants. After data collection, the researchers used case study analysis to identify emergent primary, secondary, and tertiary themes. Brief contextual profiles of each participant are provided to give background information about each individual. Qualitative data reveal themes of internal and external social pressures, coping mechanisms, values, and life-shaping experiences among participants. ACEs Scale data and Resilience Scale data are provided. The primary and secondary research questions, methodology, findings, limitations, and implications of the study are shared, and next steps are discussed.

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