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  • Mary Ford of Charleston, SC was a contributor for the winter edition of The Journal, Winthrop College's literary magazine.
  • Miss Ford was a member of The Journal's art staff.
  • Other students who appeared in the winter edition of The Journal include:
  1. Georgia Chandler of Lincolnton, NC
  2. Clare Smith of Orangeburg, SC
  3. Jean Carson Brown of Charlotte, NC
  4. Jean Stender of Columbia, SC
  5. Ethel Lancaster of Union, SC
  6. Barbara Feagle of Little Mountain, SC
  7. Emily Wright of Ridge Spring, SC
  8. Betty Ann Lindler of Columbia, SC
  9. Harriet Murphy of Anderson, SC
  10. Eleanor Johnson of Salisbury, NC
  11. Lois Ann Dollard of Anderson, SC
  12. Mary Ann Hildebrand of Cameron, SC
  13. Dolores Stough of Charlotte, NC
  14. Dorothy Brunson of Sumter, SC
  15. Betty Romanstine of Columbia, SC
  16. Georgia Ann Sims of Orangeburg, SC
  17. Sarah Frances Griffin of Anderson, SC


  • The Winthrop News Service was established in the Fall of 1946
  • This news release was sent to the Charleston News and Courier for publication.