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  • Winthrop College Alumnae Association Northwestern District consisted of the counties of Abbeville, Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, McCormick, Oconee, and Pickens in South Carolina.
  • The meeting took place on November 2, 1946 in Anderson, SC at Kirk of the First Presbyterian Church.
  • Winthrop President Henry R. Sims presented a talk on the future of Winthrop.
  • Speakers and presenters included: Mrs. Frank Kitchen, Mrs. Douglas McDougald, Mrs. John C. Taylor, Miss Nell Cochran, Miss Mel Lee Daniel, Mrs. Rosa B. Guess, Mrs. Paul H. Leonard, Miss Marguerite Tolbert, Mrs. B. D. Cloaninger, Miss Rachel Lee, Mrs. Melvin Bruce, Mrs. T. C. Anderson, Mrs. W. C. Harper, and Mrs. A. C. Phillips


The Winthrop News Service was established in the Fall of 1946.


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