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Steffan Mayrides-Jolon


Isa Isa

A Reexamination of International Relations

Stephen Magda

A Study of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Long-Lasting Symptoms in Thyroid and Diabetes Patients

Logan Tubbs

A Wizard’s Misfire: Musical Storytelling and Fun

Alexa Schroder

Academic Stress and Peer Pressure as a Gateway to Undergraduate Substance Use

Tara Jones
Aryan Ort
John Fussell
Becca Walton

Access to Higher Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Alana Walker

Actionable Solutions for Public Education in South Carolina

Phillip N. Byars

Adaptations to Sun and Shade in Helianthus schweinitzii

Zachary Taylor
Jessica Taylor

Adapting Novels to Promote Access to the Inclusive Classroom

Tara O'Donnell
Ivy Moss

Adolescent Women with Eating Disorders and Exercise

Nicole Weiss

Adults' Perceptions of and Engagement in Cyberstalking

Tanna Morrison

Adults’ Empathy and Experiences with and Perceptions of Imposter Syndrome

Ebonie White

Adverse Childhood Experiences, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Social Support Predict Hypersexuality in College Students

Nastajia Hamilton

American Culture and the Loss of Autonomy

Alyssa Robinson

An investigation of the factors that may have an influence on student academic performance

Victoria Johnson
Amya Watson
Kyreese Goodman
Austin Swisher

Applying Art: Social Constructions of Self and Society

Samson Demissie

Applying Modern Views to Ancient Myths

Drew Williams

Aptitude Versus Allure: An Investigation on How Appearance Might Have Impacted the Careers of Women in the Music Industry From 1930-1960

Mackenzie Mckey

Art, Design, and Poetry for Willingness

Hannah Spivey

Assessment Practices in an Elementary School Setting: A Case Study

Jayla Council
Sheri Norris
Katelyn Selkinghaus

Asthma in Youths and High-Intensity Exercise

Kedron Reid Moser

BackYard Fest: Highlighting Sub-Cultural Music and Art of the Carolinas

James Poston

Barriers to the Low-Income Population as they Seek Mental Health Resources: The perspectives of service providers

Spencer E. Bermudez

Beary Bunz's Brand Style Guide and Packaging

Hitomi Kobayashi

Beneath Her Strength: A Choreographic Analysis of Today's Black Woman

Kayla Alexander

Black Women in America

Chelsea Goggins

"Blacked Out" - Tattoo Artist Promotional Branding

Makinna Campbell

Botanical Accents

Israel Wright


Lexus Lyles

Building a Time Series Regression Model to Predict the Cost of a 30-second Super Bowl Commercial

Willis Rogers
Bailey Fudala
Will Martin
Mattie O'Cain

Campus Energy Use In and Out of a pandemic: A case study of a Small Liberal Arts University

Jenna Glover

Characterization and Analysis of Mycobacteriophage Cain’s Genes

Laela A. Walker
Jessica Morgan
Dallas K. Nivens
Gabrielle M. Walker

Characterization of the Interplay between Phosphorylation and Dimerization of RitR

Courtney Miller

Code Red

Rachael Dauksch

Combating the Mental Health Crisis in Native American Communities

Abigail Russo

Comparative Analysis of U.S Higher Education Institutions’ Financial Initiatives for U.S. Historically Underserved Students in Study Abroad

Logan Tayler Pender

Concept Art Book

Amanda Beard

Concussion Prevalence: Reducing the numbers

Leana Nashay Ethel Lemon

Connecting Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Phoebe Bridgers: A Look at the Development of Female Singer/Guitarists From 1940-Today

Jacin Prevatte


Khadeejha Jones

Constructing Modernity: How Industrialization Redefines Physical Culture in Urban Spaces

Evan King

Correlation Between Queer Mental Health and Acceptance vs. Lack of Acceptance

Aniyah Williams
Andie Crim
Ollie Waters
Lynn Winfree

Crescent Dunes + More: An Exploration of the Human Experience through Comics

Erin Springs-McCottry

Critical Thinking Instruction for the Desegregated Classroom

Maria L. Manley

Cross-Cultural Use of Art Therapy and Implications for Expansion in the United States

Allayna Weber

Cultural Influences on Gender Identity Development Among Mexican American Women in Multigenerational Households

Evelyn Barrales

Customer Segmentation Using Exploratory Data Analysis and Clustering Methods: A Grocery Store Case Study

Dykia Holland
Woodson Burden
Jenna Diebert
Sierra Hunter

Darkness University Trailer and Bonus Features

Mikaell Sanchez

Data Dashboard for Educational Assistance

Asha Johnson
Brandon Bradley

Defending Agricultural Resources during times of Conflict in the Late Intermediate Period Central Andes (1000-1450 CE)

Aniela Church

Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Black Community

Olivia Bowman

Determinants of an Effective Digital Campaign: A Study of Conversion Rates Using Facebook Data

Justin Kobylus
Josh Harper
Charlie Williams
Shamyjha Price

Diabetes in older adults

Christopher Becker


Rachel Burkhart

Discovery and Characterization of Novel Bacteriophages with Host Bacteria Mycobacterium smegmatis.

James C. Ferebee IV
Alexis R. Atkinson
Abby Bowers
Amaya Brown

Does Socioeconomic Status Influence Recycling?

Vincent Wasner

Drug Addiction in American Popular Music

Cameron Scott

Dynamics of EBV and the Potential for Vaccinations in the United States

Lucas Dupuy
Liv Cantrell

Early Childhood edTPA Culminating Project

Lily Fremed

Ecological Turnover of Marine Ecosystems as a Result of The Late Devonian Mass Extinction: Communities Shifting Through Time

Edward Carter

Effect of Increased Salinity Concentrations on Gill Morphology and Gene Expression in Redear Sunfish (Lepomis microlophus)

Joel Haley

Effect of Presentation Style and Viewer Characteristics on Trust in False Media Information

Cheyenne Sola
Michelle Carter

Effect of time-since-fire on saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) leaf characteristics and potential for photodegradation

Chiara Meredith

Effects of species identity and time-since-fire on the presence of cyanobacteria on leaf surfaces of shrubs in longleaf pine sandhills

Dallas K. Nivens

Effects of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Fish Upper Thermotolerance

Leliana Bohanan

Elemental Compositions of Suspected Salt Sources in Select Mayan Archaeological Settings

Abigail Rowell

Endless Blossoming

Sierra Cauthen

Estimating the Effects of Music on Mental Health

Katelyn Hughes
Savvy Butler
Owen Turner
Payton McNabb

Evolution of Ethics in Psychological Research

Cheyenne Sola

Examining the Effect of Power Systems on Black Women's Journey to Political Power in the US

Morgan Shadd

Exercise for Individuals with Lower-Extremity Amputations: A Literature Review

Haley Prosser

Exercise in Youth Athletes

Kyle Bardusch

Exercise Program Recommendations for Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes

Christian Joseph Peters

Exercise Training for Anxiety and Depression

Lillie Smith

Exercise-Induced Asthma in Adolescents

Deliyah Tillman

Experience of ACEs and Social Support among SGM College Students

Jackie M. Carson

Exploring an Asian origami inspired cafe brand identity

Brian Vongsouthi

Expression and Purification of GeneM: A Novel Virulence Factor of Unknown Function from the Phytopathogen Clavibacter michiganensis

Eric Walters

Expression, Purification, and Crystallization of a Cryptochrome 2 Homolog from Isodiametra pulchra

Priya Patel

F-WORM Graph Colorings: Forbidding Trees, Paths, and Stars

Elizabeth Tyler
Lexi Crotts
Ryan Lumbert
Suzanna Thompson

Fibromyalgia and Exercise

Sydney Duda

Fighting Game Concepts and Designs

Clay Wukovits

Financial and Strategic Analysis of the Winthrop University Athletic Department

Ben Goodman

Framing Memory

Sydney Gambrell

From Street Corners to the American Main Stage; The Erasure of Black Bodies and their Contributions in Western Dance

Jaiden Mosley

Generation Z: Job Expectations and Employer Brand

Alexander Turner

Genomic Annotation of Bacteriophages Ashballer and Bombitas

Kaylyn Little
Abby Bowers
Alexis R. Atkinson
Amaya Brown

Gestational Diabetes and Exercise

Autumn Bryant

Get With the Times: Custody, Visitation, and Gender Bias in the South Carolina Family Court, or, How Men’s Custody and Visitation Roles are Changing: From Past to Future

Saleana Pence

Gizmo's Adventures

Kaelen Bauer

Greek Life: The Business of Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Shivani Dahya

Gun Violence's Effects on Minorities in South Carolina

William Hudson

Hard Times Never Last

Riley O'Rourke

Heavenly Day

Caroline Bergvist

Homo Neanderthalensis Introgression into Modern Humans and Its Implications

Dalton Shivers

How Can the Built Environment Bring Healing and Restoration to Individuals in Various Circumstances?

Abigail Garrison

How Do We Do All the Things?

Anna Caroline Alexander
Skyler Allen
Callie Gravett

How Have Adverse Childhood Experiences Affected Our Sociability During the Covid-19 Era

Spencer Best
Ellie Dutton
Luna Rash
Caitlyn Yeomans

How the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan intends to improve the Quality of Life of Southside Rock Hill Residents

Samson Demissie

How Working From Home Effects Productivity

Anna Grace Entrekin
Mario Delgado
Trai'Quan Mobley
Daniel Reyes

Hypertensive Trends and Exercise

Janai Ford

I am NOT a Home Girl

Maggie Rumsey

Ideology or Fallacy? The Reality of Conservative Economic Policy

Garrett Jackson

Immigration Politics and Policies

Fierra McKnight

Impact of Devonian Mass Extinction on Reefs: Similar Morphology on a Smaller Scale?

Terrence Carbon

Impact of Involuntary Retirement on the Mental Wellbeing of Female Athletes

Claire Davis

In My Room

Trinity Symone Robinson

Inequality and Discrimination Against Iranian Women

Charandeep Kaur

Inhibiting Acid Ceramidase with Phenolphthalein Compounds as a Potential Cancer Treatment

Sybil Smith

Interventions for “Best Practices” Teaching of an Introduction to Psychology Course

Rebecca Walton
Kylie Zangla

Introduction of the Bacterial-2-Hybrid Assay into the SEA-GENES workflow.

Jessica E. Morgan
Dallas K. Nivens
Laela M. Walker
Gabrielle M. Walker

Investigating Addiction and Stigma among Undergraduate Students

Carlee Norwood

Investigating Protein-Protein Interactions between Bacteriophage Cain and its Host Mycobacterium smegmatis

Dallas K. Nivens

Investigation and Characterization of Mycobacteriophage ExplosioNervosa

Ryan N. Harris
Brooke Jewell
Alex B. Lee
Kierra R. McCall

Investigations of Nucleotide Modifications in Winthrop’s Bacteriophage Collection

Gabrielle Walker

“It’s Just a Cycle We Have to Break”: Emerging Adults’ Perceptions of the Influences of Parenting Styles on Emotion Socialization

A'Niyah Choice

It’s social media, stupid! A study of the narrative and discursive elements of Argentinian libertarians on Twitter.

Bautista Vivanco

Joyful Table

Emma Thompson

Leadership Styles and Communication and Their Effects on Workplace Culture

Amanda Breakfield

Lewis Jordan's Contributions to America's Popular Music and Culture

Jordan Hamilton

Living with Thyroid Abnormalities

Jason Makowski


tian di

Making Effective Welfare Policy: A Comparison Between States

R. Wesley Thomas II

Maladaptive Daydreaming, Video Game Playing and Fear of Missing Out

Jacqueline Rose Seidl
Victoria Ward
Ashna Divekar
Kyle Maione

Melancholia in Hamlet

Paige Abercrombie

Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise

Taniya Richardson

Myths, Misconceptions, and Metaphorical Mountains: What Factors Keep Students From Seeking Mental Health Care?

Josephine Chestnut
Spencer Bermudez

Navigating Representation through Stationary Shops

Senteria Lyghts

Negative Religious Experiences, Placement of Blame, and Depression

Catherine Windham
Sarah Cranford
Sierra Burns

New Changes, Old Traditions: A Qualitative Analysis of Greek Life Culture at a Small Liberal Arts State University

Indigo Smith
Lauren Norton
Kayla Steele
John Austin

Objects Unseen

Sophie Metcalf

Packback Interaction in an Introduction to Psychology Course

Kylie Zangla
Rebecca Walton

Papa Doc’s Race War: The Rise of François Duvalier

Cody Cook

Partisanship in Contemporary America: Insights from Jacksonian Era Politic in the Modern Day

Zachary William-Linehan Conklin

Perceptions of the Current Nursing Shortage and Strategies to Increase Staff Retention

Trey Wineglass

Personality Differences in Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Following Autobiographical Recollections of Trauma

Olive Corby

Physical Activity After Amputation

Mayur Patel

Physical Activity in Pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Maryah Lance

Polly Von

Cori Little

Pop Approved: A Pop Culture Subscription Box

Haley Martin-Sadler

Poverty and Higher Education

Jaquan Doby

Power and Money

Nathaniel Willey

Predicting the U.S. Housing Prices Using Time Series Forecasting Techniques

Mandy Breakfield
Kobe Banks
Cameron Ivery
Jacob Neely

Productivity in a Remote Environment

Vada Coleman
Joshua Sloan
Dontrel Simms
Yesmine Alston

Progress Toward Understanding Cadmium Inhibition of Troponin Function

Cierra Ari Randolph
Morgan Dukes
Rachel McCollum
Victoria Williams

Protection LGBTQ+ Rights in the U.S.

Tyree Perdue

Protein Interactions within the Troponin Complex in Response to Cd2+ Binding

Jamia White

Rainbow Connection

Shunteal Frazier

Re-Tweeting the Right: A Comparison of the Role of Social Media in the Right-Wing Movements and Political Narratives in the Campaigns of Donald Trump and Javier Milei

Hannah Switzer
Bautista Vivanco

Reaction of Hydrazones with Potassium Organotrifluoroborates Through Photoredox Catalysis

Molly Quetel


Vix Nicholas

Resistance Training in Older Adults

Christopher Becker

Rorshach City

Sarah Greene

Send Noods - An Allergy Inclusive Food Truck

Scout Lee

“Silly Guy” and the Neurodivergent True Self

William Rivera


Alena Brown

Somos Más: The Latino American Voting Effect

Alejandra Rojas

South Carolina: Representation of African Americans

La'Royalty Jones

Stabilizing G4 Structures Increases RYBP Transcription in Cancerous Glial Cells

Ally Gebbia
Farah Tabassum

Start Small: Developing A Healthy Sketching Habit

Will Elliott

Synthesis and Optimization of the Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitor with Improved Hydrophilicity

Emily Stewart

Synthesis of 4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives as BRAF inhibitors

Hannah Bendure

Tariffs: Protecting the economy or hindering growth?

Bautista Vivanco

Temperature Optimization, Expression, and Purification of CAIN55

Brooke Jewell

Testing the model of Nur function using non-standard amino acids

Veda Lightfoot

The Affect of Health Care Interest Groups on Federal Health Care Reform: From the 1980s to the Affordable Care Act

Jacob Frye

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience of COVID-19

Shivani Dahya
Samson Demissie
Ashna Divekar

The Creation of "Not Your Mother's Motherhood"

Cameron Vipperman

"The Creation of Identity-Based Student Organizations and Their Challenges"

Hayley Wilson
Ky Abdur-Rahim
Morgan Green
Asha Avery

The Effect of Childhood Trauma on Temporal Memory in Adulthood

Alexus Dovell
Alyssa Wert
Emily Sanchez
Holden Rogers

The Effect of Interregional Inequalities on Orchestras

David Urich

The Effectiveness of a Nutrition Education Program in an Afterschool Setting for Elementary School-Aged Children

Kennedy Bajek
Mary Pickler

The Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle on Work Productivity

Daniel R. Osorio Chaves
Noah Hydrick
Ryan J. McFadden
Weronika Ruchala

The Effects of Morbid, Graphic, and Violent Media on Mental Health

D'Avion Deas
Calvin Johnson
Tori Hall
Madison McCaffrey

The Effects of RYBP on Apoptosis in Glioblastoma Cells

Brayden Fults
Will Bucher

The Elder Assistance Initiative

James Mack

The Female Temptress: Discussing Sexist Female Representation in Zamyatin’s We and Orwell’s 1984

Amber Nelson

The Film Experiments

Fairis DeVore

The Impact of Charter Schools on the Public Education System in the United States

Karmon Nippert

The Impact of Early Pediatric Physical Therapy on Cerebral Palsy

Myah Smith

The Impact of Non-Native Plants on Urban Forest Plant Communities

Luke Reed
Jacob Hilgemann

The impact of the medical-dental divide on vulnerable populations

Jeylinn lopez

The Innocence of Amma Crellin that Transformed the Mystery Genre

Courtney Hatcher

The Investigation of Protein C Receptor Expression in Prostate Cancer Tumor Progression

Sydney Hunter

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Alyssa Boyd

The Limb

Ethan Hunt

The Long-Term Effect of Religious Concordance on Mental Health

Isaac Abraham-Staton
Emily Spangler

The Possibilities of Thread: Past and Present

Madalin Beam
Keyshaun Britt
Alena Brown
LeNyah Bryan

The Racial Injustice of Mass Incarceration

Kayla McKinney

The Racial Undertones of U.S. Immigration Policy: How Race and Nativism Played a Role in the Formation of Discriminatory Immigration Policies During 1882-1924 and 2001-2022

Madison Bray

The Relationship Between College Students’ Parental Ideological Beliefs

Skylar Frye
Jaliyah Foulks
Onaza Latif
Angel White

The Representation of Women in Science-Fiction and Fantasy Media

Gray Kay

The Role of DNA Methylation in RYBP Silencing in Glioblastoma Cells

Michelle Aguilar-Gaspar

The Spirit Moves

Jaiden Mosley

The Synthesis of Diarylpyridines as Inhibitors of Amyloid Beta Aggregation for Alzheimer’s Disease

Casey Kopyc
Mary Stegall-Smith

The Unfamiliar Vol. 1

Guye M. Guinyard Jr.

The Unveiling of Isabel Archer's True Character through Art

Courtney Hatcher

The ‘latinidad’ complex: una lucha por la autoidentificación.

Susana Daniela Atuncar-Castillo

Time Spent on Social Media Affecting Body Anxiety and Body Image

Elizabeth Williams

“Travail No Time”: Divinity Conveying Morals in the Cycle Plays

Morgan Pettit

Uncovering Genocide and the Psychological Impacts of the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocide

Hannah Rutland

United States License Plate Designs

Sammi Malaga

Visible Light Promoted Alkylation of Imines using a Photocatalyst

Marcus Schlueter
Ryan Wernsman


Caitlin Marsh

White Feminists' Role in Universalizing the Female Experience

Sabrina Angola

Winthrop Football: Creating a Collegiate Team for the University and Community

David Pearson

Withered Fate: Bones for the Oracle

Etienna Wheeler

Women and the Cuban Revolution

Lucy Tollison

You Cried Out But Nobody Came

Julia Langevin

Youth Homelessness in Public Education

Mary Ashlyn Churray

Youth Participation in Developmental Organizations Inspire Increased Participation As Civically Engaged Citizens In Adulthood

Jordan Snipes

Poster Number: 1

The Effect of RYBP Expression on the Invasion and Migration of Glioblastoma Cells

Lauren Patterson

Poster Number: 2

Understanding the Impact of Cultural Competency and Diversity Within Healthcare

Jordan Nicholas Rucker

Poster Number: 3

Reasons Why Students Violate Academic Integrity Rules in a University Setting

Kylie Zangla

Poster Number: 4

Child and Adult Trauma’s Influence on Imposter Syndrome and Just World Belief

Sierra Burns

Poster Number: 5

Effect of Presenter Credentials on Believability of Tik Tok Mental Health Information

Ebonie White
Kylie Zangla
Emily McCutcheon
Diamond McKelvey

Poster Number: 6

Effect of Training Material Tone on Hypothetical Employees’ Perceptions

Leya D. Greene
Jordan M. Foster

Poster Number: 7

Adults’ Experiences with Growth and Meaning Following Intense Suffering

Jared Z. Nodine