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Friday, April 15th
12:00 PM

Baby-Led Weaning: Pros and Cons

Cassidy Butler

12:00 PM

Comparison of VO2max Between Smokers/Vapers and Non-Smokers/Non-Vapers

Bethany Golden
Tim Antolick
Madison Lapham

12:00 PM

Examining the Effects of Early Sport Specialization in Youth Sports

Tavia Sartor

12:00 PM

How does the amount of exercise repetitions affect lean body mass and muscle hypertrophy?

Arianna Whitmire

12:00 PM

Longevity in the Blue Zones

Elani Payne

12:00 PM

The Effects of Concussions

Alexis Snyder

12:00 PM

Yoga and Athletic Performance

Sarah Funderburg

12:00 PM