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Friday, April 24th

Poster Number: 015

Expression of Endothelial Protein C Receptor in Prostate Cancer


Jessika Bonner, Winthrop University
Austin Brewington, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Laura Glasscock, Ph.D.; Kathryn Kohl, Ph.D.; and Kunsiri Grubbs, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 016

Communication and COVID-2019: A Review of Transdisciplinary Communication Scholarship

Jadden Bergholm, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Chen Chen, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 017

Childhood Obesity in Relation to Low Socioeconomic Status

Nathaniel McLean

Faculty Mentor: David Schary, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 018

Caffeine Consumption among Adolescents

Meredith Howey

Faculty Mentor: David Schary, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 019

Underwater Treadmill Training on Different Populations


Ashley Erwin

Faculty Mentor: Joni Boyd, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 020

Improving BMD in Elderly Women with Osteoporosis

Hadasah Hoffmann

Faculty Mentor: David Schary, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 021

The Efficacy Of Mindfulness Interventions in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Zak Butt

Faculty Mentor: Janet Wojcik, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 022

Impacts of Physical Activity on Sexual Health and Experiences

Holly Ellis, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Shelley Hamill, Ph.D.