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Friday, April 24th

Poster Number: 128

The Shortage Of Teachers In America Today


Avery Davis

Faculty Mentor: Louis Pantuosco, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 129

Stress of Preservice Teachers

Marissa Atkins, Winthrop University

Poster Number: 130

Digital Rhetoric in Library Websites: How Do We Change the One in Five Statistic?

Lily Barfield, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Kelly Richardson, Ph.D.

Poster Number: 131

Active Shooter Protocols: Effects on University Faculty and Staff

Veronica Worthington, Winthrop University

Poster Number: 132

The Differences in Student Engagement in Preschoolers/Kindergarteners with Attention and Impulse Control Problems

Brianna McGee, Winthrop University

Poster Number: 133

Foreign Language and Mathematical Ability Predict Cognitive Performance

Katya Engalichev, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Merry Sleigh, Ph.D.