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Friday, April 24th

Analyzing the Regulations and Statistics for Opportunity Zones

Justin Grigg

Artificial Intelligence and the Trucking Industry: How Many Jobs Are at Stake?


Tyrrell Keim

Faculty Mentor: Louis Pantuosco, Ph.D.

Establishing an Optimal Withdrawal Rate and Portfolio Allocation for FIRE Investors

Helena Morrow, Winthrop University

Impact of Student Loan Debt On Low-Income Black Students


Arrion Rogers, Winthrop University

Faculty Mentor: Anthony Hill, Ph.D.

Implementation of a Data-Driven Solution for Student Loans: Utilizing Data Mining Algorithms Approach

James Kachamila, Winthrop University

Student Loan Debt: The Pursuit for a Brighter Future

Christopher Simpson

Faculty Mentor: Ginger Williams, Ph.D.