We are super excited to share that the Southeast Regional Association on Higher Education and Disabilities (AHEAD) Conference, themed The Social Justice League, May 18-19, is a GO!

In the Spirit of the Social "Justice League," this two-day conference connects social justice, abilities and talents, and higher education in a manner reminiscent of our youthful essence, when some of us read comics (many of us still do!). Join us for intriguing breakout sessions, entertaining and mind-bending guest speakers, and intense round-table discussions. Vendor exhibits and poster presentations will showcase assistive technology and social movements in diversity. Network with colleagues in the field and learn from each other.

This is an inexpensive and invaluable conference for postsecondary access coordinators, disability service providers, transition coordinators, and those with the insatiable super-drive to ensure equity of access for all college students. Some may think of superheroes as those who swoop in to rescue the helpless; not this conference! We want to affirm that this conference envisions a “social justice league” that includes all members of the community, working together in equitable partnership. Anyone—students, faculty, DS staff, administrators, disability activists—who works to break down barriers and create an inclusive world is a part of that team. This is the message we hope to impart throughout the conference.

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Social Justice League: Not All Superheroes Wear Capes (Southeast Regional AHEAD Conference 2017)