The Phenix: A Collection of Old and Rare Fragments


The Phenix: A Collection of Old and Rare Fragments


AC 4 .P5 1835

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AC 4 .P5 1835

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1 bound volume; 298 pages


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Historical Note

William Gowan published the documents that were brought together by an unidentified compiler from his personal collection and that of Judge G. Furman of Brooklyn, Long Island.


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A collection of historical documents including:

  • The Morals of Confucius, A Chinese Philosopher, who flourished about five hundred years before Christ. Translated from the Chinese by R.R. Incorcetta and Couplet. It includes a life of Confucius and a dissertation on the work.
  • The Oracles of Zoroaster, the Founder of the Persian Magi, collected from the most authentic records. Translated from the Greek by J. P. Cory, Esq. Also included is The Life of Zoroaster by Peter Bayle, author of the historical and critical dictionary; and An Abstract of teh Persian Theology of Zoroaster by Edward Gibbon, the Roman historian.
  • The Theology of the Phoenicians by Sanchoniatho, translated from the Phoenician dialect into Greek by Philo, a native of Byblus and from the Greek into English by I. P. Cory, Esq. Also included is a biographical sketch of Sanchoniatho.
  • The Periplus or Voyage of Hanno in the year 570 before Christ, round the ports of Libya, beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which he deposited in the Temple of Saturn. Translated from the Punic into the Greek tongue and from the Greek into English by Dr. Falconer.
  • King Hiempsal's History of the African Settlements translated from the Punic books by Sallust and into English by H. Stewart, Esq.
  • The Fragments of the Choice Sayings of Publius Syrus translated from the Latin
  • The Egyptian Fragments Consisting of the Writings of Manethos; the Obelisk of Heliopolis from Ammianus Marcellinus; and the Exodus from Chaeremon and Others, translated from the Greek by I. P. Cory, Esq.
  • The Similitudes of Demophilus, or Directions for the Proper Regulation of Life, translated from the original Greek by John Jackson and Walter Chisholm.


Winthrop purchased the volume in 1924


William Gowan


New York


Ancient documents, Philosophy, World Religions, Ancient History


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The Phenix: A Collection of Old and Rare Fragments