Tarzan at the Earth's Core


Tarzan at the Earth's Core

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PS 3503 .B87 .T37 1930

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1 bound volume; 308 pages


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Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875-1950] was an American writer most well-known for his adventure and science fiction novels. Burroughs best known works are the Tarzan novels, the tales of Mars adventurer John Carter, and the stories of Pellucidar.



Tarzan at the Earth's Core is the thirteenth book in the series relating the tales of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke. It was published in book form in 1930. From the dust jacket: "Called from his home in the African jungle to great adventure, Tarzan summons his Waziri spearmen and joins the Jason Gridley expedition to seek the arctic opening in the earth's surface that leads to the inner world of Pelucidar. Sailing by airship, they glide almost imperceptibly from the world that we know to the strange and terrifying land that lies beneath the earth's crust. There, where time does not exist, where neither Tarzan's jungle lore nor the charts of scientists are of any use as guides, they face the problem of rescuing an American adventurer who is held captive by the bloodthirsty Korsars. Here, on land and sea and even in the air, lurk unknown perils. Tarzan is carried off in the talons of a ferocious bat-like creature to its mountain eyrie. Slashing his way through trackless forests and the dangerous swamps, outwitting his cruel human captors, Tarzan faces the most terrific encounters of his adventure-crammed life when, rescuing the beautiful Jana, known as The Red Flower, he falls into the hands of the reptile-men who, astride gigantic lizards, move with lightning speed and relentless ferocity to spread terror throughout the land."

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The book is inscribed: Christmas 1947 Luckett Davis

The book has a dust jacket


Gift of Dr. Luckett Davis in April 2018


Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Publishers


Tarzana, California


Fiction, Tarzan, Adventure, Pulp-Fiction


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Tarzan at the Earth's Core