Tarzan and the Golden Lion


Tarzan and the Golden Lion

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PS 3503 .B87 .T373 1924

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Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875-1950] was an American writer most well-known for his adventure and science fiction novels. Burroughs best known works are the Tarzan novels, the tales of Mars adventurer John Carter, and the stories of Pellucidar.



Tarzan and the Golden Lion is the ninth book in the series relating the tales of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke. It was first published as a seven part serial in Argosy All-Story Weekly beginning in December 1922. The novel was published on March 24, 1923. The story picks up where Tarzan the Terrible left off. Returning home from their adventures, the Clayton family, Tarzan, Jane, and their son, Korak, find an orphaned lion cub which they take home to train. A former house maid of the Claytons, Flora Hawkes overheard Tarzan's discovery of the treasure at Opar and managed to copy a map to it. She devises a plan to lead an expedition to retrieve the treasure and finds a Tarzan look-alike named Esteban Miranda to portray the ape-man in order to deceive the Oparians. Two years pass since their return and Tarzan's estate has become financially depleted. He decides to return to Opar to retrieve the needed gold. Tarzan encounters Hawkes group who drugs him and hands him over to the Oparians. The high priest had come to view Queen La with disfavor so she helps Tarzan escape through the legendary Valley of Diamonds from which no one had ever returned. They discover an animal like race of humans enslaved by a race of intelligent gorillas. With the help of his "golden lion" Jad-bal-ja, Tarzan and the valley natives restore Queen La to power. Tarzan receives a bag of diamonds as a reward. Esteban Miranda, posing as Tarzan convinced the Waziri tribe to take the gold that Hawkes took from Opar. Miranda buried the gold in order to return later to retrieve it. After a few adventures, Tarzan confronts the imposter who takes Tarzan's diamonds, is chased by the lion Jad-bal-ja and escapes into a river. He is later captured and imprisoned by a local tribe. Although, Tarzan lost the diamonds, he is able to retrieve Miranda's buried gold and return home with it.

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The book is inscribed: Christmas 1944 Luckett Davis

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Tarzan and the Golden Lion