Tarzan the Untamed


Tarzan the Untamed

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Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875-1950] was an American writer most well-known for his adventure and science fiction novels. Burroughs best known works are the Tarzan novels, the tales of Mars adventurer John Carter, and the stories of Pellucidar.



Tarzan the Untamed is the seventh book in the series relating the tales of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke. It was originally published as two separate serialized stories in different magazines. "Tarzan the Untamed" appeared in Redbook from March to August 1919. "Tarzan and the Valley of Luna" appeared in All-Story Weekly from March to April 1920. The two stories were combined and published in book form in 1920. The book follows Jungle Tales of Tarzan but chronologically, it follows Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar. The book is set during World War I. While Tarzan is away from his home in British East Africa, German troops destroy the home presumably killing Tarzan's wife, Jane. Overcome with grief, Tarzan swears revenge on all Germans and sets out for the East-African battle front. He kills those he thinks responsible and meets Bertha Kircher. Although he saw her in both the British and German camps, he presumes her to be a German spy especially after learning she has his mother's locket which he had given to Jane. After surviving a trek across the desert, Tarzan offers shelter and protection to Bertha and a downed British aviator named Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick. He rescues the romantically involved couple several times, encounters the warriors of the lost city of Xuja, discovers Bertha is a double agent in the employ of the British, and finds out that Jane may still be alive.

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The book is inscribed: Summer 1944 Luckett Davis


Gift of Dr. Luckett Davis in April 2018


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Fiction, Tarzan, Adventure, Pulp-Fiction, World War I


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Tarzan the Untamed