The Son of Tarzan


The Son of Tarzan

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Edgar Rice Burroughs [1875-1950] was an American writer most well-known for his adventure and science fiction novels. Burroughs best known works are the Tarzan novels, the tales of Mars adventurer John Carter, and the stories of Pellucidar.



The Son of Tarzan is the fourth book in the series relating the tales of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke. It was first published in All-Story Weekly as a six-part serial from December 4, 1915 to January 8, 1916. The novel was first published as a book in March 1917. The main character in this book is Tarzan's son Jack who becomes known as Korak. The story begins 10 years after the conclusion of The Beasts of Tarzan. Because of the occurrences in the previous book, Jane has refused to return to Africa or tell Jack anything about his father's past. One of Tarzan's adversaries captured Tarzan's ape friend Akut and began displaying him in London. Tarzan took Jack to see the ape and discovered it was Akut. Jack, amazed that his father could converse with the ape, entices Tarzan to tell him about his past. Jack continues to visit Akut and learns the ape language. He hatches a plan to return Akut to Africa. The rest of the story relates that adventure and other adventures of Korak (Jack) between the age of 12 and 18.

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The Son of Tarzan