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This interview was conducted by Margaret “Isa” Long with interviewee K as part of Project 2020: A Collaborative Oral History. The interviewee discusses his experiences amid the critical year 2020, particularly as a member of the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities. The interviewee details the challenges he continues to face navigating society as a Black queer person; in addition, he discusses his experiences as the child of Caribbean immigrants, often highlighting personal and familial struggles. He also sheds light on the social justice movement sparked in 2020 as well as the disconnect he, at times, feels within the Black community. Other notable topics of conversation include the red vs. blue political culture, homophobia and/or anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, race, and discrimination.

Interviewee K (He/They), a native of New York State, identifies as both “gender-fluid,” i.e. an individual who does not identity with a fixed gender, and transmasculine (or transmasc), a term used for someone whose gender identity or expression is predominantly male, though assigned female at birth. The interviewee currently resides in the state of Georgia and is an undergraduate student.

Spearheaded by Dr. O. Jennifer Dixon-McKnight, an Assistant Professor of History & African American Studies at Winthrop University, Project 2020 is best summarized in her words: “The goal was to conduct interviews that explored the various ways in which Americans were experiencing and being impacted by the various watershed moments that emerged during 2020 (the global pandemic, social unrest, financial challenges, issues with healthcare, etc.).”

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2020, LGBTQ, Gender Identity, Race, Discrimination, Black Lives Matter

Oral History 742