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Clarence Henry Graham


Dr. George Garrison



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This interview was conducted by Dr. George Garrison with Clarence Graham for his Emmett Scott project. Clarence Henry Graham (1942-2016) grew up in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He graduated Emmett Scott High School in 1959. Emmett Scott High School was the segregates school for African-Americans in Rock Hill. It was named after Emmett Scott, a former aide to Booker T. Washington and President Woodrow Wilson. The school was opened in 1920 and closed in 1970 following full integration implemented in Rock Hill schools. Mr. Graham also attended Friendship Junior College and was one of the chief organizers of the Friendship Nine, a group of students that participated in non-violent Civil Rights protests. He spent 30 days in York County jail following his arrest and conviction for trespassing during a sit-in at McCrory’s lunch counter. Their slogan “Jail, no bail” was a rallying cry during the Civil Rights Movement in Rock Hill. In this interview Mr. Graham discusses his experiences during the Civil rights Movement and his treatment in the judicial system. He also discusses growing up in the Rock Hill area, attending Emmett Scott High School and Friendship Junior College and those influences on his participating in the Civil Rights Movement. Mr. Graham also discusses his service in the Vietnam War, as well as his work in social services until he retired. He discusses his experiences with the renewed interest in the Friendship Nine in recent years as well.

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Interview with Clarence Henry Graham - OH 668