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Nance Family Bible - Accession 1235


Nance Family Bible - Accession 1235


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Accession 1235

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Scope and Content Note

The Nance Family Bible consists of The Comprehensive Bible: According To Authorized Version With The Various Readings And Marginal Notes Usually Printed Therewith. A General Introduction, Containing Disquisitions On The Genuineness, Authenticity, And Inspiration Of The Holy Scriptures; Various Divisions And Marks Of Distinction In The Sacred Writings; Ancient Versions; Coins, Weights, And Measures; Various Sects Among The Jews; Introductions And Concluding Remarks To Each Book: The Parallel Passages Contained In Canne’s Bible; Dr. Adam Clarke’s Commentary, 7 Vols.; Rev. J. Brown’s Self-Interpreting Bible, 2 Vols; Dr. Blayney’s Bible; Bishop Wilson’s Bible, Edited By Crutwell; Rev. T. Scott’s Commentary, 6 Vols.; And The English Version Of Ragster’s Polyglott Bible, Systematically Arranged: Philological And Explanatory Notes: A Table Of Contents, Arranged In Historical Order: An Analysis And Compendium Of The Holy Scriptures: A Chronological Index, An Index Of The Subjects Contained In The Old And New Testaments And An Index To The Notes, Introductions, And Concluding Remarks printed in Philadelphia by J. B. Lippincott & Company in 1868. The Bible was owned by the Nance Family and contains genealogical entries with birthdates, death dates, and marriages dates (1848-1968). The family names included are: Nance; Johnson; White; Workman; Margaret Emily White Johnson Nance (1838-1903), the mother of David Bancroft Johnson, Jr. (1856-1928), Winthrop’s founder and first president, married Mr. William Harrison Nance (?-1873) after the death of her first husband David Bancroft Johnson, Sr. (?-1857). Also included are newspaper clippings concerning the death of Paul D. Workman, Jr. (1900-1968) and a school grade report for Florence Nance (1867-1868). Florence Nance Workman (1872-1940) was D.B. Johnson’s half-sister.

Additional Notes

The Bible is in good shape, but all the genealogical entries were scanned and the copies should be used as surrogates to help preserve the original Bible.


The Nance Family Bible was donated to the Archives by Frances Collins.


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Nance Family Bible - Accession 1235

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Nance family; Johnson family; White family; Workman family; Johnson, David Bancroft, 1856-1928--Family