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Buttons - Accession 1172

Buttons - Accession 1172





Accession 1172

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100 pieces



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The collection consists of pin back buttons collected by former Winthrop faculty member and Winthrop alumna Louise Pettus. Many of the buttons are political in nature, advertise local events, contain slogans, and etc. Buttons slogans: “Washington Redskins”; “I just said no and I don’t feel guilty”; “Are we willing to work in a world in which uncertainty, rather than routine and habit, is the norm?”; “Come See Me! Rock Hill, SC April 5015, 2001” (2 count); “Come See Me! April 1-10, 2004”; “Come See Me! April 12-21, 2002”; “Mondale Ferraro”; “Merry Christmas”; “Emmett Kelly, Jr. Collectors Society”; “Good Bears of the World” (2 count); “Gee, Somebody Cares!”; “A MOUSE IN MY HOUSE”; “P.O.W.’s NEVER HAVE A NICE DAY”; “Buck-a-Cup Brace-a-Child”; “I believe in Christmas”; “Re-elect Betty Jo Rhea Mayor”; “We survived Hugo”; “Senior Power”; “Vote Lindsay Pettus Lancaster County Council”; “Re-elect Tom S. Gettus to Congress”; “Vote Rook H. Sturgis for City Council”; “Our Time is NOW”; “Matchbox Collector”; “B.A.C.”; “Support Your Local Planet Earth”; “Jackson”; “Clinton Gore Rapid Response Team”; “I’m a Mini Page Reader”; “Man’s Impact on the Environment”; “B.A.C. Brace a Child”; “Don’t Tread on Me”; “Come See Me! April 1-10, 2004”; “Gen’l Andy Jackson”; “NCSS Annual Meeting Washington, D.C. November 5-8, 1976”; “Matchbox Collector”; “Button w/ a picture of an open book and a peace sign (no words)”; “U.S. Senate ‘96”; “Rolling in Rock Hill I Bought a Bucket of Paint”; "Live On Main: October 1, 1994;" "Harvest Of The Arts: Jubilee Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 1999 Rock Hill, South Carolina;"


The Buttons collection were given to the Archives on April 3, 2004 and January 13, 2005 by Louise Pettus.


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Buttons - Accession 1172

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Pin-back buttons--Specimens