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The Clinkscales of America - Accession 715 #38


The Clinkscales of America - Accession 715 #38


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Accession 715 #38

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Historical Note

From the title page: The prefix "clink" in medieval times, denoted a rapid or sudden descent. The suffix "scales" is merely a modification of the Old English word "skell" signifying a well from which water is drawn. Thus the name perhaps denoted a family which owned a fine spring of good clear water - in close proximity to its residence, and reached by a well. In those days country houses were few and spaced far apart. There can be little doubt a well, a valued and envied possession, became famous throughout the countryside and gave rise to the hereditary cognomen of the Clinkscales family. The original spelling was "Clinkskill".

Scope and Content Note

The Clinkscales of America: The Stream Flows On compiled and edited by Wilda B. Wing chronicles the history of the family from the emigration of Adam Clinkscales and his wife Mary Preston to Maryland about 1735 to 1991. Family surnames include Anderson, Bowie, Brown, Campbell, Ellis, Hall, Hardin, Hawkins, Kay, Martin, Mitchell, Smith, and Wilson among many others. In addition to genealogical information, the book includes photographs, transcriptions of family documents, family stories, reminiscences and other material. Please see the attached Table of Contents and Index.


Genealogy, Clinkscales Family


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The Clinkscales of America - Accession 715 #38