Comparative Analysis of Adolescent Pregnancy in Central America, Mexico and South Carolina

Date of Award

Spring 2011

Document Type



Social Work

Honors Thesis Director

Dr. Wendy Campbell


This paper addresses the issue of adolescent pregnancy in Mexico, Central America and South Carolina and implications for social work practice with immigrant communities. The paper is based on current literature and on cross-national, on-line survey of local and international pregnancy prevention programs. The paper analyzes and discusses various psychosocial causes of pregnancy in adolescents, including: limited opportunities for formal education, infrequent open discussions about sexual health, rising costs of adequate birth control, and difficulty in obtaining contraceptives in remote locations. This research paper analyzes current statistics on the effectiveness of existing projects and programs and compares and contrasts research about the validity and efficacy of these programs in both South Carolina and abroad. Finally, the paper addresses implications for social work practice with adolescents in immigrant communities.


Presented at the Honors Thesis Colloquium, Winthrop University, April 2011

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