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College of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts

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Devon F. Ralston

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Dustin M. Hoffman

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Ephraim S. Sommers


Place is theorized through many lenses: geographical, sociological, political, and architectural, to name a few, and travel theorists study the economics and production of place. Yet sensory perception of places travelled are understudied. My thesis offers the determination of “place-soul” as an experiment in sensory perception of place, and the accompanying South Carolina travelogues exemplify case studies of place-soul’s revealing. By successfully ascertaining the essence of place by marrying objective and subjective lenses, and accurately describing the belongingness and connections uncovered, the reader will identify with me through words, and travel may be inspired by a shared sense of belonging. I submit that by authentically determining and articulating place-soul, a bridge of connection and belonging is built between place and writer, and, in turn, writer and reader, which will propel future travel.