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Richard W.Riley College of Education

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Physical Education, Sport, and Human Performance

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Master of Science

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Christi DeWaele

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Janet Wojcik

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Joni Marr


The purpose of this study was to identify the attitudes and beliefs of student athletes towards social media. To address this question, student athletes completed a survey focused specifically on: the image they present on social media profiles, content included, and their thoughts on the social media education provided by their athletic department. Student athlete (SA) responses were also compared to non-athletes (NA) for a better understanding of social media profiles. Frequencies showed strong similarities in a number of content shared or not shared, like humorous photos (SA 74.1% and NA 73.3%) and sexy photos (SA 82.4% and NA 82.6%). Differences were also present in a Man Whitney U-test. The significant differences all scored below p


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