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Richard W.Riley College of Education

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Physical Education, Sport, and Human Performance

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Master of Science

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Alice McLaine

Committee Member

Shelley Hamill

Committee Member

Amber Radtke


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of three different types of concussion education materials for collegiate athletes and to evaluate knowledge transfer. Three different types of educational materials were used to educate the athlete. The athlete completed a pretest, completed an educational module, and then completed a posttest. Two weeks later the athlete completed a retention test. A total of 51 subjects participated in the study. The subjects were evaluated on a pretest, posttest, and retention test. Data were analyzed based on an independent t-test to compare pretest scores between athletes who have been previously concussed and athletes who have not been previously concussed. There were no significant results. Data were analyzed based on a one-way ANOVA to compare posttest scores between educational groups as well as retention test scores between educational groups. There were no significant results found. Descriptive statistics and frequencies were used to analyze self-reported knowledge rating and whether or not the athlete had received previous concussion education material.


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