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College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Fine Arts

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Master of Arts

Thesis Advisor

Laura Gardner

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Dorothy A. Metzler

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Birdsall S. Viault


Visual and performing arts centers, William's Farm, Collaboration, Planning, Vision, Dedication


The process, procedures and issues involved in the development of a visual and performing arts center were examined and explored by a group of graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Arts Administration program at Winthrop University. Using their knowledge gained from their undergraduate studies, personal experiences, research and the graduate program itself, they produced a collective work entitled "Handbook of William's Farm." It is the "heart" of how collaboration can make a vision into reality. This handbook that made William's Farm a reality and the accompanying material can serve as a guide to anyone considering or involved in the creation of a visual and performing arts center. The final chapter contains reflections and recommendations from the director of William's Farm, the author of this paper.