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College of Visual and Performing Arts

Degree Program

Fine Arts

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts

Thesis Advisor

Shaun Cassidy

Committee Member

Stacey Davidson

Committee Member

Mark Hamilton


Video, Video game, Self, Self-Portrait


This thesis statement describes and comments on the four videos that compose my thesis exhibition, "What you See is What You Get." Together, they constitute a self-portrait. Videos require multiple mediums and software, each with their own purpose and aesthetic. The three key ingredients these four videos make use of are recorded performances, 2D animation and narrative. This statement will detail the visuals and purpose of each one, the technology and editing process, and the inspirations that have led to the thesis exhibition. The statement describes the choice of color, movement and rhythm to carry the narrative, which is not based chronologically but emotionally. Finally, some attention is given to the tone of the videos and the progression between my past and present self. The overall theme of these videos is self-exploration. A large part of who I am today comes from my early love of cartoons and video games; from consumer I have become creator. I have learned to apply my skills with AfterEffects, Photoshop, GIMP, Game Maker and iMovie to create content that is revealing of my progress through life.