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College of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts

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J. Andrew Doyle

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Jason Silverman

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J. Edward Lee


Gibbs Family, Reconstruction, Rice, Great Migration, Landowning Farmers, AME Zion, South Carolina, Low Country


The ancestors of the Gibbs family came to South Carolina as slaves from Barbados in the early 19th C., and four brothers, Anthony, Fortune, Moses and Wetus, born in South Carolina between 1832 and 1845, all grew up as slaves and became emancipated while they were still young men. This thesis will chronicle the lineage of these four brothers whose family serves as a microcosm of African American life in South Carolina and beyond. This includes an examination of the family from Reconstruction through the World War II period, and it will focus on issues such as emancipation, agriculture, landownership, political involvement, education, religion, and migration.


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