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College of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts

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Dr. Dustin M. Hoffman

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Dr. John Bird

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Dr. Siobhan Brownson


In my collection Greenbroke: Stories, I explore the underbelly of the equestrian world. On the surface, the equestrian community is viewed as a world for the wealthy. It is viewed as a community of extravagance and excess. Additionally, there are few pieces of fiction that actually take the reader beyond the glamor of the surface. My stories do just that. Throughout my collection it was my aim to allow readers into a world that is different from the stereotypical equine community they thought they knew. In my stories, horse people watch their worlds collapse around them. My characters exist as a part of a disappearing beauty, one that is being overrun and chased out by newness. I incorporate humor, non-horse related plots and conflicts, and internal turmoil in order to express the diversity that is inherent in these communities. By utilizing different styles and experimenting with the traditional story arc, my fiction brings new perspectives and complicated characters to the forefront. Out of a sense of duty to represent the complexity of the equestrian community I am a part of, and a desire to introduce the unique jargon associated with this world, my first full collection of short stories, Greenbroke: Stories, was created.

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