Date of Award

Winter 12-2022

Document Type



College of Visual and Performing Arts

Degree Program

Fine Arts

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts

Thesis Advisor

Stephanie Sutton

Committee Member

Alice Burmeister

Committee Member

Myles Calvert


Queer, Queer Art, Painting, Studio Art, Abstract Art, MFA, Fine Art

Committee Member

Shaun Cassidy


Elevating the Queer Body is an art based exploration in removing objectification in the visual consumption of my own queer body. Throughout this thesis, I explain the experience of queer objectification, and how to overcome it through abstraction in a painting practice. This research comprises spiritual ideologies, as well as the history of abstraction, to inspire me in creating an ethically consumed representation of my figure. This is achieved through an abstract depiction and veiling of my figure. Presented compositions are overlaid with Islamic inspired devotion and ornamentation as a form of elevating the body itself.

Included in

Painting Commons