Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Arts

Thesis Advisor

J. Edward Lee

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Jennifer Dixon-McKnight

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Virginia Williams


Holocaust education, South Carolina


South Carolina has long been impacted by Jewish immigration into the state. A more recent influx of Jewish immigrants occurred following World War II. South Carolina became home to many displaced persons, survivors, and their families who were seeking a new beginning after their experiences in the Holocaust. Invaluable lessons can be learned from the Holocaust and the lives of those who were subjected to unimaginable forms of intolerance and hate. Under the leadership of Dr. Selden Smith of Columbia College, the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust became a driving force for Holocaust education in the Palmetto State. In order to best assist educators with their needs, the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust has worked collaboratively with the Department of Education and the state legislature. The Council, along with several other organizations within the Palmetto State, is committed to promoting and establishing the relevancy for Holocaust education through a variety of outlets, including community events and teacher training programs. This thesis will provide an overview of the collaborative efforts to establish a foundation for Holocaust education with a primary focus on the state of South Carolina.