Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

Document Type



College of Visual and Performing Arts

Degree Program

Fine Arts

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts

Thesis Advisor

Anne Fiala

Committee Member

Michelle Livek Garner

Committee Member

Karen Stock

Committee Member

Stephanie Sutton


This thesis statement explores how my intersectional identity as an artist and mother with a working-class background are intertwined, and how that upbringing has influenced each of these roles and my actions and interactions with those around me. The first part of this thesis A(m(end)ing))) Expectations serves to highlight the diverse experiences that helped form the basis of my identity while also exposing many of the unhealthy societal and familial expectations that are often placed upon women. The exhibition YES/AND is the culminating work of how these varied identities, combined with contemporary themes of feminism, affects my artistic decisions and creative practice to produce work that challenges womanhood, motherhood, and the corresponding expectations that surrounds these multiple identities.