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College of Arts and Sciences

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Master of Science

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Meir Barak

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Kristi Westover

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Julian Smith


Cortical bone, Bone remodeling, Bone biomechanics, White-tailed deer

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Matthew Stern


Cortical remodeling is a process that replaces primary bone tissue with secondary or osteonal bone. Osteonal bone is characterized by the presence of secondary osteons or Haversian systems, which are cylindrical structures made up of concentric layers of bone tissue known as lamellae that surround a central canal. Remodeling is mediated by specialized cells known as osteoclasts and osteoblasts. These cells are signaled to selectively resorb and deposit secondary bone in specific areas by mechanical strain. Variations in the loading environment of bones can produce variations in secondary osteon size and morphology. This study investigated the effect of diverse in vivo loading (compression vs. tension) on the morphology of secondary osteons in the cranial (subjected to tensile loading) and caudal (subjected to compressive loading) aspects of the proximal humerus of white-tailed deer.

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Biology Commons