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This Dolphin Yearbook combines the Class of 1964 and the Class of 1965 into one yearbook.

The George Fish School operated in in Fort Mill, SC from 1926 through 1968. George Fish was a Rosenwald school that served as a segregated African Americans school until it was integrated in 1968. The school originally served first grade through eight grade, later added the ninth grade, and by1941, it became a High School. The school was named after George Fish (1868-1933) who was a white mill manager who supported the construction of the school. After integration, George Fish was renamed and became Fort Mill Junior High and then later Fort Mill Middle School. The building was sold in 1986 and later razed.

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George Fish School


Fort Mill, SC


The George Fish Yearbook scanning project was sponsored by the George Fish School Foundation, LLC and the Fort Mill History Museum to make these "resources available to the local community, businesses, schools, and South Carolina libraries for research." This project will enable access and additional insight into the life of the African American community in Fort Mill during the 1960s from an educational, cultural, and historical perspective.

The yearbooks were made available on loan for scanning courtesy of Ms. Cora Dunlap Lyles.

George Fish School Yearbook - The Dolphin 1964 and 1965