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Fall 10-2018


College of Business Administration


Adult global learners (AGLs), particularly those with lack of knowledge or understanding of American culture, often have a difficult time adjusting to academic life in the US. We report on a study conducted to determine impacts of focused interventions to facilitate adaptation and resilience of a cohort of 28 Chinese MBA AGLs at Winthrop University, a Master’s Comprehensive Public University in the Southeastern region of the US. The AGLs were middle and senior managers from the city of Liuzhou, China. Targeted interventions were made to help the Liuzhou AGLs adapt to the rigors, challenge and demands both academically and socially of completing their degree at the University. Preliminary results show that a few key factors influence the academic performance, cultural adaptation, and educational experience of the Liuzhou AGLs. Moreover, the data shows the Liuzhou AGLs have benefited from the tailored intervention program that was implemented by the University to help them gain the most out of their time studying in the US.


international graduate students, adult global learners, English language and culture, academic preparation, readiness for campus life in the US

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