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Summer 2015


College of Visual and Performing Arts


Theatre & Dance


The Merry Wives of Windsor A story of LUST, GREED, and DIRTY LAUNDRY
By William Shakespeare, adapted by Daniel Gordon.

Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor uses more prose than any of his other plays, for indeed, these characters are simple folk. His setting of the countryside of Windsor also offers clues to how I might interpret this play for a South Carolina audience. To reinforce the tight-knit community or provincial common folk that is wary of outsiders, I set this production in a southern trailer park. The script and rhythms fit remarkably well with a southern twang. Knowing the realities of outdoor theatre in the summer, I also cut the script down to a manageable 1 hour and 50 minutes, including intermission.

MWW PRess.jpg (1250 kB)
Press photo from August 2015 production