Winthrop Close Up Fall 2011, Episode 8


Winthrop Close Up Fall 2011, Episode 8



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s episode deals with the Occupy Winthrop movement, the effects of littering on Winthrop’s Campus, beneficial ways to get rid of your old cell phones, info about the Brown Bag Lecture Series, why students get up early on Saturdays, information about the ONE group and how to get involved, Battle of the Sexes Fundraiser for the Mass Comm. Dinner, why the iPhone is so popular, the changes that the new management are making for The Money, and the Eagle Sports update along with the Arts and Entertainment update.

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Fall 2011



Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Kristen Elmore Sports Producer: Andrea Agness A&E Producer: Billie Jean Shaw News Anchors: Ted Patterson and Zade Patterson Sports Anchors: Preston Jenkinson A&E Anchors: Tony Dixon Director: Jasmine Rutledge Technical Director: Jasmine Woodberry Audio Operator: Taurean Stokes Video Playback: Ashleigh Jackson Graphics: Brittany Gunn Teleprompter: Kristen Elmore Floor Director: Billie Jean Shaw Campers Operators: Nateshisa Green-Rose, Evan Wofford, and Anne Spencer Show Editors: Mark S. Nortz Instructors: Mark S. Nortz and Haney Howell



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Winthrop Close Up Fall 2011, Episode 8