Winthrop Close Up Show 7 Spring 2010


Winthrop Close Up Show 7 Spring 2010



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s episode deals with the candidates for Governors debate at Winthrop, the effects of the new Health Care Bill, the comment card service in Thomson, how students can appeal academic regulations and general edu. Requirements, Winthrop Close Up Spotlight Segment on Chris Van Aller, the effects of the Owens Fire on Students and Faculty, the new Wingspan Format, students and their jobs, and the Eagle Sports Update along with the Arts and Entertainment Updates.


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Spring 2010


Rock Hill

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Eddie Scarry Associative Producer: Serena Nichols Sports Producer: Arthur Takahashi Arts and Entertainment Producer: Jeff Patterson News Anchors: Eddie Scarry and Ikea Young Sports Anchor: Kathleen Brown Arts and Entertainment Anchor: Ann Lutzenkirchen Director: Debra Seth Technical Director: Paisley Moore Audio Operator: Larry Parks Teleprompter: RaShaun Downs Graphics and Chyron: Mark Nortz VTR Operator: Serena Nichols Floor Director: Zade Patterson Camera: Brittany Bradley Instructors: Mark S. Nortz and Haney Howell



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Winthrop Close Up Show 7 Spring 2010