Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2010


Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2010



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s episode deals with the difficulty of finding a job after graduation to help with debt, the safety of walking around campus, consequences of not taking the proper steps for graduation, Winthrop Close Up Spotlight Segment on Selah Fredrickson, students on whether Thanksgiving break is a break or not, and the Eagles Sports Update along with the Arts and Entertainment Update.


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Original Air Date

Fall 2010


Rock Hill

Cast and Crew

Executive Producer: Debra Seth Sports Producer: Kathleen Brown A&E Producer: Brittany Bradley Director: Shatesha Scales Technical Director: Mark Nortz Audio Operator: Ann Lutzenkirchen Telepromter: Chelsea Nelson Chyron and Graphics: Debra Seth VTR Operator: Jaynia Tyler News Anchors: RaShaun Downs and Omar Nelson Sports Anchor: Chantle Belk A&E Anchor: Charles Feaster Floor Director: Brittany Bradley Camera Operators: Kendria Houseworth Instructors: Mark S. Nortz and Haney Howell



Winthrop Close Up Show 8 Fall 2010