Winthrop Close Up Show 2 Fall 2008


Winthrop Close Up Show 2 Fall 2008



Winthrop Close Up is a weekly news cast produced by the Advanced Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Production classes at Winthrop University. This week’s episode deals with more information on the H1N1 virus and how to prevent yourself from getting it, the prevention of the faire la bise of French students, what could make you stop wearing flip flops, how Winthrop has kept African American Students enrolled, Winthrop Preview Day, information on Charlotte’s Restaurant Week, where your café cash goes when you’re not spending it, Gas Stations with the lowest prices, and the Eagles Sports Update along with the Arts and Entertainment Update.

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Fall 2009


Rock Hill

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Director: Kelly CarterNews Anchors: Eddie Scarry and Paisley Moore Sport Anchor: Erika Livingston Arts and Entertainment Anchor: IEke Young Floor Director: Jeff Patterson Teleprompter: Derek Cogswell Technical Director: VTR Operator: Larry PArks Graphics: Shameka Alexander Audio: Nick Holmam Camera 1: Jeff Patterson Camera 2: Arthur Takahashi Camera 3: Serena Nichols Instructors: Mr. Haney Howell and Mr. Mark Nortz



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Winthrop Close Up Show 2 Fall 2008